Monde Selection wine contest 2021

The 2021 International Wine Competition will take place on the 10 and 11 of June 2021 under the high patronage of the O.I.V.

For the 2021 edition of the Wine Competition, Organic wines and Bag-in-Box® wines will also be in the spotlight.

All registered wines will receive their results the day after the contest, including an organoleptic profile of the wine on all evaluated criteria.

The advantages of a Monde Selection Wine medal

  • A direct evidence of the quality of your wine for consumers.
  • The medal obtained can be affixed to the bottle or used in any other communication media without any additional cost.
  • An effective sales argument for distributors and business partners.
  • Awarded wines will receive free marketing tools to support their promotion.

Quality Medals

Monde Selection Wines recognises the quality of wines and promotes the work of their producers.

The competition is well-known for its rigor and the technicality of its evaluations.

Why take part?

  • Develop your visibility in EU markets
  • Receive a sensory evaluation feedback
  • Get your wine listed in our winners’ catalog
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Brussels, the European springboard for world wines
Grand Gold





Professionalism, rigor, technicity

The International Wine Competition takes place every year in Brussels, gathering experts from all over the world.
The jury is composed of wine and tasting professionals recognized in their country and trained to the standards of international competitions.
Each wine undergoes blind-tasting, according to the tasting sheets of the O.I.V. and the Union Internationale des Œnologues.
The sensory analysis is directed to the quality of the presented wines.

About the jury

Jury of experts

The Jury is composed of wine professionals such as oenologists and technical experts.


wines per day

Each Jury table is tasting 35 wines per day to preserve their palate.


years of expertise

Monde Selection Wine was created in 1961 and is one of the oldest competition in the world.


Each wine is blind-tasted according to the tasting sheets of the O.I.V. and the Union Internationale des OEnologues.

products in 2020

Discover part of the wines that have been granted with a medal in 2020. The results are approved by the « Federal Public Service of Belgium – General Management – Economic Inspection ».